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Welcome to the Proofs/Ordering page!! I've decided to link all Photo shoots with a Password. This way, your Photos will always be Protected. This is the most secure way to protect against anyone who you don't want to have access to your photos. Your password can be e-mailed to you when proofs are ready for viewing. Please email me: mtviewzdj@hotmail.com to get your Album password.    

Your Photo shoot will be located at https://jrolsonphotography.smugmug.com 

Here you will locate your Password Protected Album!! Click the appropriate selection, then you can locate your album and preview it using the password provided. Once you're viewing your album, you will be able to Proof all the photos. Every picture is left UNEDITED, and will be EDITED once you make your selection(s). This includes cropping, borders, names, etc. You'll have 3 weeks from the date you receive your password, to review all the portraits you wish!! Begin to decide which portraits, and what Portrait Package you have decided on, and how many additional prints you will need. 

When you are ready to order, use the image number associated with the picture(s) you choose. We will then finalize your pictures, sizes, and edits to your specifications. Payment will be made before the final order is processed. We ship your professionally printed photos in a protective package, directly to JROlson Photography, often within 3 weeks!! You'll then be called or emailed to arrange pick up your photos. 

Welcome Class of 2021, and Welcome Sports Teams of 2020-2021! I am really looking forward to another fun year and getting to know another group of great young adults. This is my 16th year of shooting Senior Portraits, and my 16th year shooting Sport Pictures and Action Shots and I do things a little differently than most photographers. Many of you who are visiting my site know someone who I have taken pictures for and I am sure they told you that, and I hope that is why you are visiting today. Contact me and lets set up a time to go over what you’re looking for from you’re senior portraits and/or sport pictures!!

Parents of 2021 seniors, if you have visited my Senior Portraits page in the past few months please see my new 2020 pricing. In today’s world where everything has been going up in price thanks to our $2.50+ gas, you may be surprised to know that I am not following the herd and raising my prices. Yes this is a business I am running, but for me it is more of a passion and even though my costs have gone up I am keeping my prices the same and even lowering my prices on the larger prints. I don’t think there are many photographers that are doing that today. I did this for the same reason I got into doing Senior Portraits…Senior Portraits are a financial burden to some extent for everyone. 9 years ago, I was able to save my friend some money by doing her daughter’s Senior Portraits. I would like to do the same for you.

Also, while we are taking your Senior Portraits or Sport Pictures, you will not be rushed in and out, and left feeling short changed. If you are willing to spend the time, so am I. I try to always allow extra time with each Senior or Sport shoot, so that we can try different things to make your portraits stand out from the crowd. This is your time, it should be special. If you have any questions about your Senior Portraits or Event/Sports pictures, let me know.