JROlson Photography is based out of Hillsboro, Oregon and serves the greater Portland metro area. I am happy to travel to any event throughout the country where memorable photos are special to you. Senior Portraits, City Scapes, Business Portfolios, Sporting Events, and Family Occasions just to name a few.

My Photography specializes in UNIQUE images. Most photographers shoot similiar photographs, I'll do all the BASIC Images plus capture UNIQUE Images of you at your finest moment, whether your cutting your wedding cake, scoring the winning basket, or gathering with your family for a special occasion.

My love for photography started at an early age. When I turned 14 years old, My parents bought my first instamatic camera and my interest in photography began. What started out to be a hobby as a teenager, has developed into a full time profession as an adult. I had my first paying job as a Professional Photographer in August 1997, and have never looked back. Since I did not have my own studio to offer any portraits, I continued to learn and specialize in creative photography.

After photographing many events throughout the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area, I wanted to expand my photography, and offer more portrait services. Since I already had some experience working with students at local schools, I decided to photograph a few Seniors and Sport jobs for some long time friends. At that point, my business began and expanded to include other High School Seniors, Sports Photography, Weddings, Family Portraits, and Modeling Portfolios. After 6 years, the photography jobs continued to grow and I made the decision to offer my photography services on a full time basis.

Since switching to a full time independant business in 2004, I have been shooting at outdoor locations throughout the area for Senior Portraits. I also have been involved with Sports Photography and Event Photography. All of which include some unique locations for some very creative photography, and allow the "Senior To Be" a wide variety of choices that are unique to his/her own personality.

Today, JROlson Photography is on its way to being a well established Senior Portraits and Special Event Photography company. When you book me as your Photographer, you will know that I "personally" will be the only one taking your portraits. My goal is to provide you with the best and most personal service possible, making you feel like you are my only customer. I will try to make your portrait experience relaxing and enjoyable, so that you will have fun. To me, every photography experience is new and unique in its own way, keeping me excited about what I am doing!

Thank you for your interest,
JROlson Photography

 translating life through photographs that speak more than words ever could.

JROlson Photography

Vivid Imagery for World Class Design

                     Photography Resume

                 Senior Portraits (16 Years)
                    Action Sports (16 Years)

                         Modeling (15 Years)
                Family/Special Events (12 Years)
                     City Scapes (12 Years)
                     Fashion (9 Years)
                  Actor/Actress (9 Years)